Are there specific pool maintenance tips during the autumn season? You bet there is. These autumn maintenance tips will make sure that your pool will not cost you too much after the cold season.


The summer season is already over and that means your pool had passed the peak of its use. But that does not mean you should just cover it up and forget about it. The weather is still good enough for a swim every now and then. You want to make sure that you can still use the pool if the need arises. At least, before it all gets too cold.

Beyond that, you also need to do a final maintenance check on the pool before you completely close it off for the winter. That way, you can minimize any damages that could happen as the water freezes over during the cold winter season.

As the leaves are falling during the autumn season and the temperature begins to drop, it is tempting to just let your pool go to sleep. Apparently, that is a mistake. There are a couple of pool maintenance tips that you need to implement as soon as possible. Acting immediately will help save you money and more importantly, will protect your pool from any damages.

So what is it that you need to do to maintain your swimming pool until you use it again next year?

Clean the whole pool

Do not just clean the pool and take out the floating leaves or the debris that made its way into the water. You need to thoroughly clean it. This means brushing the floor and walls of the pool. You should also vacuum the pool. If you leave the pool unclean throughout the autumn and winter seasons, you will end up with algae once summer comes in. Do not forget to clear the debris that lodged in the lint basket of the pump and the skimmer baskets too.

Clean the filter

This requires a lot of attention from you. After all, this is the unit that keeps your swimming pool clean. That means this should always be a focus in any pool maintenance effort that you will conduct. Clean any oil deposits or grease. If not, this will harden when winter comes and that can be hard to remove. And it will also compromise how it will perform.

Check the chemical balance

There are many things to check here. Start with the pH level of your swimming pool. Over time, it might have gone down as you used the pool during the summer. The pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6. If not, you need to correct it. You can check with a professional to find out how you can correct the pH level of your pool. The chlorine level is next. This is the chemical that is responsible for keeping your pool clear, and in effect, clean. This has to be 2-3 PPM (parts per million). In case you are using a salt chlorinator, keep it within 1-2 PPM. Finally, check the alkalinity level. This helps the pool water resist any changes in the pH. If the pool has a low alkaline level, the pH level can go up and down.

Protect the pool from algae

Treat the pool water with some algaecide to keep algae from growing in the pool. This will lengthen the effects of the chlorine that you placed.

Run the pool filter

This will not only help clean the pool thoroughly, it will also help distribute the chemicals in the water very well. You need to make sure that the filter will run throughout the autumn and winter season too. This will help keep the pool even as you do not use it. Running it a couple of hours at regular intervals should do the trick.

Schedule a regular shock treatment

Ideally, you want to conduct a shock treatment throughout the fall and winter season. When you have placed the treatment, make sure you run the filter, including the pump, to distribute it evenly in the water.

Cover the pool

Once everything is done, you can now cover the pool if you no longer have plans of using it. This will protect it from falling leaves and debris. Not only that, it will also keep you from losing water.
After all of these, you still have a couple of pool maintenance tips to do. You need to keep the filter running from time to time and give it a shock treatment to keep the water clean. These will not only care for your swimming pool, it will also help you save money when the summer time comes.

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