The great thing about having a Sarasota pool is that you have a place to entertain guests and hold parties. But that also means you should allow enough time to take care of it.

Your swimming pool could use some maintenance tips. Having a pool is a big responsibility. If you want it to always be ideal and safe for use, you need to make sure that your pool is well maintained. Although it is filled with water, there are so many bacteria that can thrive in it. Not only that, everyone swimming in it can also contaminate the water. If you or your kids swallow the water, that might not end well. Also, algae can develop and destroy your pool.


The great news is, it does not take much effort to take care of your Sarasota pool. Here are a couple of tips that you can follow to take care of your swimming pool.

Skim and scrub as often as possible

Skimming involves cleaning the leaves and other debris that floats on the surface of the water. As much as possible, you should do this on a daily basis. There are products like a robot vacuum that you can buy to take care of the bottom of the pool. Sometimes, the debris sinks to the bottom of the pool and this vacuum can help clean it out. Scrubbing the sides of the pool does not require a daily commitment but you need to do it as often as you can – like once a week. This will keep the algae from building up.

Take care of your filter

This is the one thing that automatically keeps your Sarasota pool clean. You need to make sure it is regularly checked. First of all, you have to remove the filter cap and then the filter basket so you can clean out any debris that was sucked into it. Once clean, you can put it all back so it can resume filtering the pool water. Ideally, you should do this once a week. The pipes of the filter system should also be given attention at least once a month. You can set your filter to “backwash” and then remove the leaf basket so you can clean it. You will then turn on the pump and allow it to run until only clear water is ejected from the waste pipe. Obviously, you do not need the filter running all the time. But instead of turning it on and off, you should just set the timer.

Make sure all the chemical levels are right>

Another thing that you need to consider is the chemical level in the pool. You have to make sure the level is correct to avoid making the water murky or to keep it from irritating the skin or eyes of the swimmers. Not only that, putting in the wrong amount of chemicals could breed unwanted bacteria. Make sure you test the chemicals at least once a week. If anything is not correct, you have to make adjustments to make it right.

Shock the pool when needed

If your Sarasota pool is looking cloudy, you should probably shock it by dumping a lot of chlorine on it – like 5x the normal level. This will kill the bacteria. This is what you should do after a pool party or something similar. Doing this will clean the pool water. Just make sure you do not do this often to keep it from ruining the side of the pool.

Keep the water level precise

People usually do not pay attention to the level of the water. When it rains, the water level rises. After a few days of the scorching heat from the sun, the level decreases. Make sure you remove or replace the water to bring it to the right level – which is halfway up the skimmer opening. And when you are adjusting the level of the water, make sure that you check the chemicals too and make the right adjustments to that as well.

Schedule a professional annually

While you can certainly maintain your swimming pool, you should still hire a professional to look at it once a year. They can spot problems and repairs that may have missed your attention. You need their expertise to point out things that could compromise the safety of your pool.

Know how to prep your pool for the season

Most of the time, you need to prepare your swimming pool for the coming season. Usually, this is during the winter and the summer seasons. There are so many things to do to protect your pool and help it survive these two seasons. Make sure you know the appropriate steps that you have to do – it usually varies depending on the upcoming season.

Keep your Sarasota pool in good condition by following all of these tips to care for it. Not only will it make your swimming pool safer, it will also keep you from costly repairs.