Are you ready to use your swimming pool?


Spring is finally upon us and that means you no longer have to dream about swimming! After months of the cold winter season, the flowers are blooming, the skies are clear, and everything is waking up. The weather is perfect for you to lounge outside and enjoy the cool water.


But before you take a dip, make sure that you prepare everything first. You should not be too quick to take a swim. You have to ensure that everything is safe for you to use – from the water to the equipment and the filtration system.


So what are you supposed to do?

Step 1: Clean the cover of the pool

If you did your job before the winter season, you should have a cover protecting your swimming pool. You need to start with this one. Get rid of any debris or dirt that landed on its surface. You can use a mesh net for this. Since the cold season just ended, water probably collected on top of it as well. You can use a pump to get rid of that water.

Step 2: Remove the cover

Once the cover is clean, it is time to remove it so you can see the condition of the water underneath. Remove anything along the sides that you used to weigh down the cover. It is best to fold the cover like an accordion as you remove it. Dry it out before you keep it.

Step 3: Inspect your pool

After removing the cover, the whole pool will be open for your inspection. You have to check everything – from the plugs, connection, pump, and skimmer basket. In case there is a damage somewhere, you have to repair or replace it – whatever is necessary. Do not let anyone swim until these are fixed.

Step 4: Turn on the filtration system

Get rid of any tool that you used to keep the water from freezing in the cold – like the winter plugs. Check out the pump and filter and reattach anything that you removed for the winter season. Make sure you take time to remove the air from the equipment or plumbing. You should also check the pressure levels of the filter.

Step 5: Add water

When the filtration system is on, it is now time to add water to your pool. It is a guarantee that the water level went down even while it was covered. Unless it is completely necessary, you do not have to get rid of all the water. This is actually not advisable especially if it the pool is underground. Before you add the water, check for any structural damage first so you can work on it.

Step 6: Clean the pool

Use a mesh net to clean the water from any debris. This is also when you check the chemical levels and make sure that it is correct. Since you added water, you probably have to add some chemicals like the chlorine, alkaline levels, etc. If you are unsure of what to do, you can have a professional check it out. In case there is something that needs to be repaired, you can ask them to check the chemicals in the water as well.


Once you have prepared your swimming pool for the spring season, you can start enjoying it. Try not to skip any step because you will probably use this for the next two seasons.