Is swimming really good for you? Of course, it is! While we do not want to downplay the other types of exercise, we would like to acknowledge how people can improve their overall health whenever they go for a swim.

There are several factors that make this a really great way to exercise and condition your body.

It makes exercise less painful

First of all, it can be great for people who need to exercise but find it painful because of medical conditions. For instance, those with osteoarthritis can exercise while submerged in water because their bones and muscles are not subjected to the usual pull of gravity. This allows them to go through exercises that can rehabilitate their body without making it extremely painful.

It places less strain on the heart

When your body feels pain or stress, it will make your heart work harder. This is why swimming is a great option for people with heart ailments. They can exercise without putting too much strain on their heart. In fact, it is believed that when you swim, it decreased arterial stiffness, which is one of the risks that can lead to heart issues.

It will not make you sweat

Let us admit it. Some people do not like to exercise because it makes them sweat. It is an icky feeling that certain individuals cannot stand. But that does not mean you should stop exercising, right? The best way to get your body moving and avoid sweating is to do it in a pool. When you are submerged in water, your body will feel cool and will not need to sweat even if you are working out really hard. This is why swimming can be a great exercise for people who are overweight or obese.

It keeps you from feeling too tired

Since you are not sweating, it will feel like your body is not really exerting too much effort. But do not be fooled by this. Your body is really working very hard as it moves under the water. In fact, your legs are probably exerting more effort because the water is keeping it from moving freely.

It provides a more even distribution of pressure

When you exercise in the water, the pressure is evenly distributed on your body. Instead of just making your knees or hips feel the strain of the movement, it is distributed over your body. Gravity does not work in the same way when you are in the water.

It serves as a breathing exercise

Finally, swimming can be a great way to do breathing exercises too. Unlike other forms of exercise like biking or running, you take shallow breaths and forceful exhales. But when you swim, you have to take quick yet deep breaths and then exhale it slowly. This is one of the first things that you need to learn if you really want to swim properly with your head under the water.

As you can see, swimming brings a lot of unique benefits to your body. Of course, you have to make sure to check with your physician if you are exercising for medical purposes. But if it is for recreational purposes, then you get to have all of these benefits and at the same time, enjoy your time while cooling in the pool.