Why do you need to make sure that you clean the pavers around your pool? Obviously, you want to make sure it is clean for sanitary reasons. Nobody wants a dirty house. But more than that, you also have to consider the value of your house. According to reports, swimming pools increase the market value of a home by 15% to 25%. However, you have to consider that this is only possible under certain conditions – like the aesthetic appeal it brings to your home. This is why some people really invest in landscaping their backyard or garden – or wherever their pool is located. But the landscaping efforts will only do so much, you still need to make sure everything is clean – including the pavers.

Why you need to clean the pavers of your pool

You need to clean the pavers of swimming pools because you also want to make sure that there are no molds that could cause it to become slippery. The mixture of the dirt and water will also cause mud to form and that is also quite slippery. These alone should convince you to make sure that the pavers of swimming pools are always clean.


Not only that, cleaning the pavers would also take care of your property better. It will help the color of the pavers last longer. Remember that these are exposed to all the elements – sun, wind, rain, etc. The pavers will soon lose their color if you do not take care of it.


Keeping the paver clean will also help reveal any damage to it. If it is free from mud, dirt, and debris, you can easily see where there are cracks or where the color is fading. With well-maintained pavers, the safety of the people running around the pool will also increase.

How to clean swimming pool pavers

Now that you know why you need to clean the pavers of your swimming pool, it is now time to learn how to do it. But before that, let us gather what you need.


To clean the pavers, you need a brush or a push broom. You also need a garden hose – preferably one with a nozzle set that will help you adjust the flow of the water. It also helps to have a power or pressure washer so you can minimize the scrubbing. You need to use a mild cleaner or detergent to soften the dirt too.


Now that you have all of that covered you can start cleaning the pool. You can start by sweeping the pavers and getting rid of the bigger debris and loose dirt. Then, you can use the garden hose to loosen the dirt that is already attached more firmly on the paver. Sometimes, putting pressure on the water will help you get rid of the dirt effectively. After giving it a once over, look at the paver and check if there are stubborn areas that require a brush. Scrub off those tough dirt and stains.


The more frequent you do this, the easier it will be for future cleaning efforts. This is why you should probably do this more often. The combination of dirt, chemicals, salt, and other debris can harden and destroy your pavers.


Once the pavers of the pool are clean, you might want to check for damages. See if you need to apply a sealant to lock in the color of the stones that you used. This will also make your pavers more durable. It will also keep the water from seeping in and destroying the paver from underneath.