Do you understand enough about pool ladders and stairs to make a smart choice about it? If not, this article should give you what you need to make a good decision about it.

About pool ladders and stairs

The stairs or ladder of a pool is important because it is the best way in and out of the pool. Admittedly, some people would think that the best way to get into the pool water is to jump in like a cannonball. But when you think about getting out of the pool, that is a different story. You need a reliable and safe pool steps to make sure you can easily get out of the water.


Your options when it comes to pool ladders and stairs will depend on whether you have in-ground or above ground pools.

In-ground pools

For in-ground pools, you are most likely to choose pool ladders or stairs that will complement the shape and style of the pool. You have to consider that your pool will also be surrounded by a deck. That means the transition from the deck to the steps should be considered carefully. Will you use built-in steps or will you use a detachable stainless or high-grade plastic ladder instead? Later on, you will see the options that you have when it comes to pool ladders and stairs.

Above ground pools

For above ground pools, your choices will depend on whether you have a deck or not. This will determine what type of ladder you will need. When your pool has a deck, you only need a ladder that goes into the water. But without a deck, you need a ladder with an A-frame. That means it has two bottoms – one is at the bottom of the pool while the other is right outside on the ground. These are among the simple options. Thanks to modern technology, we now have more sophisticated and visually appealing options.

Different options for pool steps

Here are your options when it comes to finding the best swimming pool steps

Swimming pool ladders

Pool ladders come in two different types – one for public swimming pools and the other for private ones. The public swimming pools have Olympic-type ladders that are meant to have a high resistance level to stress. This is understandable because of the number of people accessing the pool – thus using the ladder. It is also meant to have specific characteristics that will help it meet safety standards. The private pools do not need this so it has the freedom to use various shapes and styles – specifically when it comes to the handrails.

Swimming pool steps

These are usually three steps that you will find in the shallow end of the pool. It is also made of concrete but has the same lining as the pool – but with non-slip edges. It has to be visible under water and should not cause swimmers to slip as they use it to go in and out of the pool. This can come in various shapes and styles to compliment the overall design of the pool.

Swimming pool ledges

Pool ledges are gaining popularity because it can be used, not just to go in and out of the water, but also for various activities. Swimmers can use it for lounging, tanning, playing, cooling off, or just be relaxing. Usually, this is found in the deeper end of the pool. However, owners have the option to have it placed anywhere in the pool. It has a consistent depth of approximately 500mm and is usually 400 to 600mm wide. It is great for toddlers and young ones to play in too – as long as it has the right barrier to keep them from falling into the deep end of the pool.

Beach entry

This is when entry into the pool is like an extended ledge – but not a gradual slope. It helps kids and older people when it comes to accessibility. Not only that, it provides a bigger space for kids to play in.


Now that you know a bit more about pool ladders and stairs, you should be able to find the right one that suits your preference. Make sure to always consider your budget and the people who will most likely use the swimming pool.