Do you want to lose weight while in a pool but you do not want to do laps? It is true that swimming laps is one of the best forms of exercise. Swimming is like dancing – it gives you a full body workout. Practically your whole body is moving. Not only that, your breathing is also given an exercise. It is actually a great cardio exercise. And the water makes everything all the more appealing. First of all, your body does not feel as heavy as when you are moving out of the water. Since the water is cool, all your movements will not really make you sweat. Sometimes, the idea of sweating turns people off – thus discouraging them from exercising. But since that does not happen when you exercise in the water, it becomes a great alternative.


Fortunately, there are different ways you can exercise in a pool. Here are 4 exercises that you can do.


For this exercise, you rest your elbows on the edge of the pool to take your weight off your legs. You will then lift your legs and make it do circular motions like you are riding a bike. If you do not have an edge to rest your elbows on, you can use a noodle to rest your elbows or put it between your legs to sit on. Do the same bicycle movements. This move will help tone your abs, shoulders, legs, and core.

Leg Lifts

This pool exercise has a lot of variations. You can rest your elbows on the edge and lift your legs. You can lift them one at a time and you can lift them both at the same time. Make sure your legs are straight when you do each lift. Raise them as high as you can. Another option is to do side leg lifts. Do it one at a time while keeping your balance by holding onto the edge.

Jumping jacks

This is actually a lot harder to do because of the buoyancy in the water. It will lead you to either tip forward or back. However, the effort to maintain your balance is part of the exercise. As you do the jumping jacks, you should make sure to avoid the floor. But if that is too hard, you can do half-suspended jumping jacks. Just make sure your feet do not touch the bottom when you bring them to the center. Once your feet are together, you can let it rest on the floor before jumping to do the exercise again.

Curls and raises

This is for your arms and biceps. One exercise you can do is a bicep curl. Use a pool weight and do the curls – underwater. It is important to keep everything underwater as you lift the weights. This will ensure that your biceps will feel the resistance of the water. Once you are done, you can do side arm raises. Again, make sure the range of motion remains underwater.


These are the basic exercises that you can do in the pool. There are so many things that you can do and different variations too. Just make sure to do your research or consult a professional to ensure that you are doing the right thing. After all, you want to be sure that you are putting the right pressure on the right muscle or body part.