Do you know what affects the temperature of the water in your swimming pool? Ideally, we want our pool to keep us cool. However, we do not want it to be too cold. We want it to be the perfect temp to help our body relax – which is around 28 degrees.

It is true that there are systems and equipment that can be installed that can regulate how warm or cool the water in your swimming pool can be. Some of these include gas/heat pumps, solar heating, etc. A swimming pool cover can also have an effect on whether the water will have a high or low temperature. But did you know that there are other factors that may be affecting the temp of the water in your pool? You need to be aware of these so you can regulate the pool naturally.

What will make a pool water cooler?

There are a couple of things that will naturally make your swimming pool cooler.

Lack of sun

This is actually quite obvious. One of the most natural sources of heat is the Sun. However, if it is hidden behind the clouds, then it cannot make the water warmer. Just like the lack of heat from the Sun will make the environment cooler, it will do the same for the water of your swimming pool.

Too much shade

Another thing that can make your pool water cooler is having too much shade on it. These include the shade coming from surrounding trees or buildings. These can also block the Sun from naturally heating your pool and making the temperature more comfortable. Not only that, it can sometimes keep the wind flowing within the area – aiding in making the water cooler.

Apart from the towering shade, the things that you put over the pool can also have an effect. When you put the mesh cover to keep the leaves away (or for safety purposes), it can affect the temp of the water. These mesh covers do not touch the water. These are usually suspended above the water, thus leaving room for air to move underneath. This can cause the water to feel cooler.

Pool construction

The overall layout of the pool can also be a factor in making the pool water cooler instead of warmer. This is something that you should have considered when you had the pool installed. The material that you use will have an effect. For instance, using glass or fiberglass for the infinity pool effect can make the water cooler too.

How to keep your pool temperature warmer

If you want immediate results, using a heater will really do the trick. Use pool covers (not the mesh cover) and solar heating too. These can really make the water warmer. While gas and heat pumps can also make your pool warmer, it is not as energy efficient as the solar heating option.

To warm the swimming pool water, you might want to ensure that it gets a lot of natural sunlight. Trim the trees surrounding your swimming pool. Try to give it as much direct heat as you can. This will really keep the temperature of your pool water to a comfortable level without using up too much energy