Is it a good idea to go pool buying while it is winter-time? This is the time when you hardly go outdoors. Why would you install something in your backyard that you will not be able to use immediately?

Believe it or not, buying a pool during the winter-time has some benefits. It would have been a great holiday gift to your loved ones. Imagine their excitement – knowing that this is something that they can use from spring to fall? Not to mention the decoration opportunities that can make the exterior of your home look lively and festive.

But since the holidays have come and gone, that is okay. There are still several reasons why pool buying in the winter-time is a good idea.

Why it is beneficial to buy a pool in the winter

To start with, this is not the peak season for pool builders. From fall to winter, these companies go through their lean months. You can take advantage of this by having them work on your swimming pool at home. There is a high chance that you will get a discount on the whole project. At least, it will be cheaper compared to when you have it done during their peak season.

Doing this during the cooler seasons is also practical. The weather actually makes the excavation easier – thanks to the dry conditions. As long as the weather outside is not too freezing, it should be the perfect time to build a pool.

Not only that, completing the project during the cold season will allow your yard to recover in time for spring. When you have the pool constructed, the materials will need time to set. The yard itself will also have enough time to grow some grass, flowers, and shrubs so it will look beautiful in time for your first swimming party.

This can also be uplifting as you wait out the cold winter months. You have something to look forward to as you live through the dreary weather.

How to go pool buying in the winter

Now that you know why pool buying in the winter is a good idea, it is time to find out how to go about it.

Before anything else, make sure you acquire the necessary permits for this project. All of it should be available in the local government’s office. You should look for the Building & Zoning Department for the information. Get the forms and be ready with the information and requirements that will be asked from you. When you are applying for the permits, you need a couple of information.

You need to start with the pool layout and size. Look outside and visualize how you want to position the pool. Take note that this is the not the swimming pool. You need to consider the deck, outdoor furniture, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. You have to think about the whole landscape of your yard once the pool is installed.

Once you have the specs, you can submit the application for the permit and wait for the approval.

The shape of the pool is probably the first thing that you have to think about. You have the option to be creative with the shape or conservative with a rectangular shape. While you are at it, you might want to decide if you want it in-ground or above-ground. The former will last longer but the latter will be more cost efficient.

Based on these, you can go on to decide on the materials. Will you be using concrete, fiberglass or vinyl? You should also think about the accessories and equipment that you want the pool to have. How will you make the pool fun and exciting?

Once you have decided on everything, you can turn to the contractor for guidance. When the permits are ready, the construction can start.