Have you been delaying the implementation of pool safety tips? This is a huge mistake. Prevention is always better – regardless of the circumstances. So if you have a swimming pool, implementing safety precautions is one of the first things that you should do.

You will never know when an accident may occur. If you have a child, it will only take seconds for an accident to become a fatal one. Drowning is one of the serious hazards of having a swimming pool in the backyard. You might be surprised at how frequent this happens at home. And the thing is, you can prevent this. You just have to make sure you have sufficient pool safety tips implemented.

Here are some of the most basic safety precautions that you should prioritize.

Place pool barriers

There are fences, walls, and covers that serve as the front line of all the safety features of your pool. Most of the time, this is actually mandated by the local government. That means if you plan to install a swimming pool in your property, you need to adhere to the local pool safety tips.

For pool fences, you have to make sure it is at least 4 feet high. The space between should not be wide enough for a small child to go through.

If you will use walls, it should not have any hole or cutouts that will enable small ones to climb over. Make sure you get the details to ensure that you are following what the law dictates.

For pool covers, it should always be secure. It should be anchored properly and should not easily be removed. In case you have automatic covers, the controls should not be within reach of children. Sometimes, a pool safety net really works well as a pool cover.

Secure gates or doors

Make the pool inaccessible to children without your help. The doors leading to the backyard should have proper locks that they cannot open themselves. The same is true if you have gates leading to the pool. If you really want to be safe about it, you might want to install alarms that will notify you if the door or gate is opened.

Take note that there are also pool alarms that you can install. It is like a motion detector that will alert you is someone or something got into the pool. That way, you can tell if someone fell into the pool.

Check drains

The pool drains can also become a hazard. It has enough suction power to trap people underwater. Sometimes, children get sucked into these drains and they do not have enough strength to free themselves enough to swim back to the surface. Make sure that the drain is always covered and that this is tight and secure. There are laws that require these drains to have an anti-entrapment cover – at least, public pools. But home pools can also follow this rule. This will protect your loved ones and guests from harm. The drain cover should also be clean all the time.

Keep pool chemicals away

The pool chemicals, both the ones keeping the water and surrounding area clean, should be kept in a secure place. These can be very hazardous when kids happen to ingest them. Make sure it cannot be reached by the young ones. Not only that, you have to ensure that you know the right level of chemicals to place in the pool water. It is not uncommon for children to drink the water of the pool while swimming. The pool chemicals, when diluted in the water in the right levels can be harmless. But if not, it will cause health problems and skin irritation.

Post safety precautions

Finally, pool safety tips and reminders should be displayed within the area. This will keep loved ones and guests reminded of how they should act while enjoying the swimming pool. Not only that, children should be educated about how they should act while swimming. And if your children do not know how to swim, you need to teach them. If they are too small to learn, make sure you are always with them while they are swimming. Keep them away from water jets and the pool drain. You should also strictly prohibit them from running around the pool. They can easily slip and hit their head.

These are only a few of the pool safety tips that you should implement to ensure that there are no accidents in and around your swimming pool.