What is the appropriate size of the pool heater that will make the water in your swimming pool warm enough?

This is an important consideration if you want to maximize the use of the pool. After all, a well-heated pool will make it more comfortable when you go for a swim. It does not matter if it is night time, you will not feel the chill. Not only that, a heated pool will allow you to extend your personal season for swimming. Some people can no longer enjoy their pool once the weather becomes a bit cooler during the fall. But with a pool heater, you do not have to worry about cutting the fun short.

Of course, you have to be able to heat the whole pool and sustain the temperature until you want to. That means you should know the right size that you will get for the heater.

Two ways to use a pool heater

Before you make calculations, you need to know how you will use the pool heater – whether it is a gas or propane heater. There are two ways for you to do this.

First of all, you can only turn it on when you need to use the pool. This will keep the energy consumption low – especially if you go for a long time without using the pool. The drawback is that you cannot use it immediately. You need to wait until the whole water is heated to the right temperature.

The other option to use the pool heater is to have it on the whole time. This is ideal for those who are always using the pool. This will allow you to immediately jump into the water because it will always be warm.

While one may seem more appealing to you, it is possible for you to apply both of these options. It will just have to be timed properly depending on the season or situation. If you have plans of using the pool the whole time during springtime, then just turn it on. When summer comes, you might want to turn the heater only when you want to use it. Hopefully, the warm weather will help make the water heat up faster. You can test out the heater that you got so you can see just how long it takes to heat up.

Variables to consider

When buying a pool heater, you need to consider a couple of factors.

The size of the pool is an important factor. There are calculations that you need to make and you need the pool size for that. Another consideration is whether the pool is outdoors or indoors. It will affect the base temperature of the water.

The air temperature should also be considered here. If you live in a cooler climate, the water will take longer to heat even in the summer. If you live in a warmer climate, then you might not even need to heat the water when the summer comes.

Your temperature preference is also a factor to consider. If you want the water to be cooler, then it will not take a long time to heat up. It might make sense to just open the pool heater whenever you want to go for a swim. Or if you want the water to be really warm, then having the heater on the whole time might help you save more energy.

So based on all this information, what size of pool heater should you choose? Well, if you want the water to be warmer and heat faster, you need a bigger heater. This is also ideal if you only want to open the heater when you want to swim. Experts will tell you that oversizing the heater will warm your pool a lot faster. But if you do not mind keeping it a little cooler then there might not be any need for a big one. A small heater is ideal if you want to keep the water warm all the time.

How to calculate the size of your pool heater

If you want to calculate the size of the pool heater based on how big or small the swimming pool is, here are the steps you need to follow.

Start with the surface area of the pool. Multiply the length and width of the pool. So if your pool is 15 x 25, the surface area is 375 sq ft. It is not necessarily the gallons of water in your pool that will affect the size. While it is important, it is the surface of the pool that will determine how much room the heat will have to escape. If there is a huge room to escape from, then the energy needed to heat the water will be greater.

Once you have the surface area, you need to divide it by 3. The answer will determine the minimum BTU size that is recommended for your surface area. So a surface area of 375 sq ft will now be 125 sq ft. That means you need a minimum pool heater size of 125,000 BTUs. This is only the recommended size. You need to go for a bigger size than this because it will help heat the pool faster. In case you want to keep the heater running the whole time, you need to ensure that it will not consume too much energy. An oversized pool heater will help with this.

After getting the BTUs, you need to consider the variables discussed earlier so you can make a better estimate of the pool heater size. If you want to really maintain the warmth of the water, you can also use a cover. This will keep the heat from escaping.

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