Have you ever encountered bugs in your swimming pool? If you have an outdoor pool, it is not unlikely that insects will find their way in the water. What can you do about it?

Obviously, you need to remove the bugs out of the pool for safety purposes. But why wait for the bugs to get in the water before you act? There are different ways for you to keep them out of the pool in the first place.

Here are the different ways that you can keep the bugs out of the pool waters.

Removing bugs from your swimming pool by setting bug traps

There are so many types of bug traps. Your options include traps that can shock, catch, or poison the insects. These traps are equipped with a scent that bugs cannot resist – making them go near the trap. You can set it around the swimming pool.

Install a bug misting system

Another option is to use a specific bug misting system. This shoots out a bug repellant in the form of a mist. There are systems that will shoot out the mist at predetermined times while there are those that will spray only when it detects motion. This can also be effective in keeping the bugs out of the pool water.

Burn bug scents

This scent has the opposite effect than what the bug traps emit. These will drive the bugs away. You can put it near the pool so the bugs will be deterred from going anywhere near the pool waters.

Have the right plants near your swimming pool

Some plants naturally emit scents that drive away bugs. You can plant mint, rosemary or garlic around the swimming pool. These will discourage bugs from coming to the pool.

Use a screen around the area

It also helps to enclose the area with a screen. Of course, this will depend on where your swimming pool is located. If you cannot enclose the whole area, you can cover the pool surface only. Or you can use patio curtains to cover a portion of the pool. These can be effective when the bugs are too many to be deterred by a misting system or trap.

Maintain the landscape

When you regularly take care of the landscape by mowing the lawn or getting rid of weeds, you can easily spot breeding grounds for bugs. You can get rid of these easily. So hit two birds with one stone by taking care of the landscape – especially the one around the swimming pool.

Make sure there is no water near the swimming pool

Water can be a breeding ground for a lot of bugs and insects. You need to make sure that there are no puddles or places where water can accumulate around the pool. This will also be for the safety of your family. In case there are places where water cannot be removed, you can use a larvicide to make sure that it will not breed any insect that can crawl its way towards the pool.

Birdhouses are a nice decorative addition to your swimming pool. Put up a few!

Birds eat bugs. If you have birdhouses, these will attract birds to come into your pool area and eat any bugs that may be nearby. Usually, birds will not go near you if you are outside. But when you are not, they will feel free to eat the bugs near your pool.

Light up a campfire

The smoke from a campfire can also drive away bugs. So if you are hanging out in your pool, you might want to light a campfire. This can set the right ambiance, especially when you are hanging out in the pool at night.

Set up yellow lights

If you do not like to light up a campfire, you can use yellow lights instead. Set these up around the pool so you do not have to worry about bugs while you swim. This can be really effective while you are swimming at night.

Check the chlorine level

Finally, you can check the chlorine level in your swimming pool. In case bugs get in the pool, it should not survive because of the chlorine. While you still have to clean them up, at least they will not be alive to bite you back.

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