Do you know how much swimming can help improve your overall health? Obviously, it is a form of exercise. But it is not just about the physical benefits. It can also bring positive effects to your mental health. It is more than just getting relief during a very hot day. This physical activity can really make a huge improvement in your life.

Some people might think that this is only meant for fun. That is not true. If you do it regularly, you will notice that your overall health situation will really improve over time. It is Isn’t that a great way to take care of yourself? What is great about this form of exercise is the fact that you do not have to sweat it out too much.

8 ways swimming is good for your body

There are so many ways that swimming can improve your physical body. Here are the most obvious benefits that it can bring.

Great for people with medical conditions

When you swim in a pool regularly, it can help you deal with several medical conditions. In fact, there are a lot of doctors who will specifically recommend this activity to help ailing patients get better. Among the medical conditions that it can help with includes sore joints, arthritis, etc. Since the water makes your body feel more weightless, it makes it easier for you to move the problem areas in your body. The water can help ease the pain so the workout can be completed. The stretches will help with the stiffness that your body feels.

Although the body feels lighter, the water also provides enough resistance to make your exercise and every movement more effective. As you complete your workouts, your body will start to feel better. This will give you a more positive outlook on your recovery.

Improve your heart and lungs through swimming

The two most important organs that will benefit from this exercise is your heart and lungs. Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise. It is good for blood circulation too. It can help regulate your blood pressure and keep your blood sugar down. If you follow a thorough routine, it will really give your heart and lungs a good exercise.

This is actually why people with asthma can benefit from taking a swim every now and then. They can hold their breath underwater to help them improve their control over their breathing.

Get rid of unwanted fat, cellulite, and calories

Instead of sweating out to burn fat and calories, why not indulge in an afternoon of swimming? This will help you burn excess fat and calories to keep your weight and body mass from going beyond the limit. You do not have to feel uncomfortable sweating if you can swim in the pool to cool off yourself and burn fat at the same time. It is definitely more fun compared to running uphill or lifting weights. Spending 30 minutes to an hour in the pool can make all the difference in your body.

Build up muscles and endurance

Since swimming can help you practice controlling your breathing, it also means it can build up your endurance. Try to swim a couple of laps without stopping and you will really feel your endurance go higher.

This physical activity will also involve your arms and legs. This means it will help give your muscles a thorough exercise. The more laps you can do, the better it will be. If you do this regularly, you will notice that your body will be toner and your muscles will strengthen too. As you keep on doing it day in and day out, you can push yourself to do more laps. Your endurance will improve and so will the muscles in your body – specifically your arms and legs.

Safe exercise for pregnant women

Pregnancy makes movement very difficult. But that is not an excuse for them to be lazy. Unless they are medically forced to stay in bed to keep the baby safe, pregnant women are encouraged to exercise. It will help them stay healthy. Not only that, but it will also help them prepare for labor. We all know how giving birth can be physically demanding. The healthier the body, the safer the pregnancy will be. Of course, the act of carrying a baby can make exercise difficult. Fortunately, swimming can solve this problem. In fact, swimming is recommended for pregnant women. It can ease the pressure on their muscles and joints. It will also help with back pains after the heavy weight of the baby growing inside them.

Swimming is an effective overall workout

If you do not have enough time to workout, swimming can be the only thing that you do and you can still get an overall workout. A few laps and you have already exercised your arms, legs, stomach, and upper body. It will improve your strength and muscles. You can easily manage your weight and maintain it after you have reached your target.

Sleep better

If you have difficulty sleeping, you can try swimming to help relax. The water can relax your mind and body so it can be a great way to prep yourself to have a good sleep at night. You do not have to swim laps before sleeping. But it will give your body a good workout without putting too much stress. As long as you do not put too much strain on your arms and legs when you swim, it can really be effective in relaxing your body.

Perfect for all ages

Finally, swimming is good for the body – regardless of your age. This is a great exercise for young children, teens, adults, and the elderly. The latter will really benefit from it because the water can help support their weight. It will also help them move their arms and legs without really putting too much strain on their muscles. It will help them stay mobile at their own pace. If they get tired, they can just float or lounge before swimming some more.

2 ways swimming can improve your mental health

Apart from the physical benefits, swimming can also help with your mental health. There are two important ways that this can happen.

Stress management

When you just went through a very stressful time at work, you can spend an hour or two swimming. You will feel an improvement in your state of mind. Water has a calming effect that will allow you to ease your mind of all your worries. It allows you to focus on the movement of your body. As you go from stroke to stroke, the routine in movements will lull your mind and help you compose your thoughts. This also helps when you need to clear your mind so you can make decisions properly.

Mood booster

Generally, exercising helps release endorphins. This is what helps improve your mood. When you are feeling bored, this is also a great way for you to pass the time. It is also good for your body since it is a form of exercise.

There are also people who said that swimming gives their confidence a boost. Learning how to swim is a skill. You will feel confident when doing water-related activities. Since this exercise can also help tone your body, you will feel generally good about your physical looks. All of these can contribute to giving your mood a boost.

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