Do you know how to heat your swimming pool without spending so much on your energy bill? Since the season is already turning and the weather is getting colder, heating your pool is becoming a necessity. Unless the snow starts falling, it is still possible to make use of your pool. But to be comfortable, you need to heat it up first. This knowledge will also prove to be useful all year round because you can apply it even during the spring, summer and autumn months.

Swimming in warm water can be good for your body. It can help relax tired muscles and help restore your tired body. However, heating anything will cost money. How can you strike a balance between saving money and keeping yourself comfortable while swimming?

Here are tips that will help you heat your swimming pool without making your energy bills go through the roof.

Know the best swimming pool heater for your area

Two types of pool heaters are commonly used today.

The first is a gas-fired pool heater. This uses propane or natural gas to make the water in your pool warmer. That means the water is warmed using heat that is generated by the heater.

The other option is an electric pool heater. It does not generate its own heat like the gas heater. Instead, it captures the heat of the environment around it. It will then use that to heat the water in the swimming pool. All of this is done with the use of electricity.

In comparison, gas heaters are cheaper. However, it is most effective when the weather is really cold. The gas consumed will not go to waste because there is a lot of heat that needs to be generated to warm the pool.

The electric pool heater is not ideal if it is really cold. It has to pull in warm air from a cold atmosphere. This will make it consume more energy.

Understand how solar heaters work

This is a new pool heater that swimming pool owners should get to know. It is believed to be the most cost-efficient option that will lower your energy bills without compromising the need for warmer pool water.

This heating system utilizes the energy from the Sun to heat the water. The heated is circulated into the rest of the pool. As the circulation happens, the system will also filter the water, thus effectively collecting any debris and cleaning the water as it goes. This makes it a great filtration system as well. Most models can also do the reverse and cool the water.

Since the system uses energy from the Sun, it is one of the most cost-efficient options to heat your swimming pool.

Another product that uses solar energy is a solar blanket. When you opt to use this, it does not matter if you have an existing electric or gas heater. You can use it together with the heater to reduce costs by up to 50%. This is like putting a lid on your pool. It will keep the water warm. That means the pool heater will not have to work too hard to heat the water.

Lower the temperature requirement for your swimming pool

The warmer you want the water to be, the more energy you will be using. So if you want to conserve energy, try to lower the temperature requirement. It is proven that if you turn down the temperature by two degrees, it will help you save around $40 each month. The more you turn it down, the higher the savings.

You should also turn off the heater when you do not have plans of using the pool anyway. And if you want to use the pool, do not crank up the temperature too high. It will not speed up the process of heating the pool and it will just waste energy. You will just be consuming unnecessary energy.

These are only a few of the tips that you can use when you are trying to save energy while heating your swimming pool. Make sure to consult your local pool experts to get specific tips that suit the location when you are from. As mentioned, the climate in the area plays an important role in deciding the best heater to use in your pool. So make sure to contact us for professional advice and tips on everything regarding your swimming pool.