How can pool chemicals cloud your pool water? Isn’t it the other way around? The chemicals you place in your pool should clear the water in your swimming pool. But sometimes, it can also cause it to become cloudy.

About cloudy water

Cloudy pool water can be caused by several factors. A clogged filter is one reason. Another is the development of young algae. After a storm of rain, it can cause the pool water to become cloudy. It brings mud, dust, and other contaminants that will breed algae. When that begins to grow, your pool will look cloudy. Other environmental factors will also come into play – like debris.

But what some people don’t know is that cloudy water is also caused by the chemicals you use in your pool. It can help clear the water, but if you do not use the right levels, the effect will be reversed. Instead of clearing the water, it can even cause it to be more cloudy.

If your pool water is cloudy, you need to correct it. There are several reasons why you should not swim unless the water is clear.

First of all, it is hard to swim when you cannot see the bottom of the pool. It will increase the risk of drowning. You might miscalculate the depth of the water.

Cloudy water is also a sign that there are a lot of pathogens and bacteria in the water. That can cause a lot of ailments. Among the health problems include stomach issues, eye irritation, and urinary tract infection. E.coli is one of the common bacteria you can find in cloudy pool waters.

Finally, cloudy water is disgusting. It is not just filled with bacteria. It is also an indication that it contains dirt and other bodily fluids like urine, sweat, spit, etc. Will you really swim in water that looks dirty? Probably not.

This is why you should try to clear the water of your swimming pool.

Getting rid of cloudy pool water through pool chemicals

Although pool chemicals can cause cloudy water, it is also the only way for you to clear it. You just have to make sure that you will put the right level.

First of all, you need to check the chlorine level of the water. There is a test kit that will help you determine if you have the right chemical levels. Usually, algae develop because you have the wrong chemical level. You need to correct this to stop the growth of algae and other bacteria.

Another thing that you can do is to eliminate ammonia. Most of the time, adjusting the chlorine and giving it a daily boost will get rid of the ammonia. If you use liquid chlorine, it will increase the level without affecting the other pool chemicals like calcium hardness, pH levels, and cyanuric acid. If the latter three are too high, it will cause ammonia and algae to develop.

Now that we have mentioned these, the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness should also be adjusted. Like the chlorine, you can also use the same testing kit to check if you have the right chemical levels. If your pool water is cloudy, there is a high chance that the test will reveal a high level of pool chemicals. You need to bring it down to clear the water.

Once you have adjusted the pool chemicals, the water in your pool should already clear.

Pool chemicals are balanced but the water is still cloudy

There are times when you have already adjusted the chemicals in the pool but the water remains cloudy. This means the water is already dirty.

What should you do?

Start by letting your filter system run. Allow the water to circulate – it might clean the pool water and make it clearer. In case that does not work, you might want to get a water clarifier. This will help collect all the fine particles that may be causing the cloudy appearance. The water clarifier will work together with the filter to clean the water. Just set the filter on backwash so it will not clog the system.

It is important for you to act quickly once you notice that the pool water is cloudy. If you ignore it, it might lead to bigger problems that will be harder to clean.

Just remember to keep your water clean and the pool chemicals at the right level. This will help ensure that the water will remain clear and safe to swim in.

If your pool is cloudy, and you’re using the proper pool chemical, contact us. It could be that you need to switch to different pools or your pool’s filtering system needs cleaning or maintenance.