Are there pool maintenance tips that will keep everything safe without limiting the fun activities you can do? The answer to that is a huge yes!

When it comes to swimming pools, safety should always be a priority. But that does not mean it should limit the level of fun that you can get out of it. So how can you find the perfect balance between safe and fun?

Proper maintenance of the pool is the best way to do this. You need to ensure that, it is foremost, safe to swim in. A well-maintained pool means the risks and threats are eliminated.

Pool safety tips that will still make things fun

What are the pool maintenance tips that you can implement to care for the swimming pool? These are the options that you have that can also be quite fun. Some of these are not directly for taking care of the pool. However, it gives the swimmers the knowledge on how to use the pool properly – which is another way of maintaining it.

Be there

As an adult, it is your responsibility to keep everyone safe – especially the kids. You can keep them safe as they swim by standing guard. Not only that, by being there, you are already increasing the level fo fun. There is nothing like quality time to make things more exciting. They will also feel more confident to have fun because they know you can keep them in check. And not only that, you can remind them of how to conduct themselves properly so as to maintain the pool while they enjoy it.

Complete swimming lessons

This is the primary step to keeping swimmers safe. Teach them how to swim. Kids can learn at an early age. Besides, learning how to swim is fun. You do not have to worry about the kids even when they wade in deeper waters. While it will not make them totally drown-proof, it will lessen the risk. These lessons can also be a way to teach the kids how to use the pool properly.

Use floatation devices

For very young kids who have yet to learn to swim, you can use floatation devices. You have the option to use arm floaties or a vest. These will allow them to have fun in the pool without fear of drowning. It will also make them feel comfortable while floating. This is actually a good prelude to swimming lessons. Once they get more confident, it will be easier to teach them to swim.

Apply sunscreen

This is not necessarily a pool maintenance tip, but it will help prolong the fun! You want to ensure that everyone stays safe while swimming. That includes staying protected while under the heat of the Sun. Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. This will allow everyone to swim for hours without fearing sunburns or other skin ailments caused by too much exposure to the Sun.

Come up with pool rules

It is also important to discuss the swimming pool rules with the kids. Better yet, have it printed out and displayed in a visible place by the pool. This will remind everyone of how to conduct themselves properly while swimming. You can feel free to discuss these rules and have the kids make suggestions on what to add – like no pushing, running, or rough play.

Learn basic first aid and CPR

This is very important. It is actually advisable for all pool owners. It is not enough that you know pool maintenance tasks. You should also know CPR and basic first aid. This will really come in handy in times of emergencies – and not just those from swimming activities.

Pool maintenance tips to keep everyone safe

Of course, your swimming pool will be kept safe and secure if you ensure that it functions properly. That means you need to conduct the usual maintenance procedures without fail.

Here are the usual maintenance tips that will keep your pool safe for use.

Pool maintenance tip #1 – Clean the pool together

If you want to teach the kids pool maintenance, you should allow them to help you clean the pool. As you go around the pool, you can point out important tips that will help maintain it. Like making sure their toys are put away. You can also show them how you add the chemicals that keep the pool safe. This will make them more aware of how the water is kept safe for swimming. You can make this a fun activity so they will always want to help you with pool maintenance tasks.

Pool maintenance tip #2 – Install a safety fence and alarm

This will keep the kids away from the pool when you are not around. Make sure the kids do not know how to open it. Add an alarm to it so you will know if they tried to open it without telling you. This fence will establish the importance of having an adult present before swimming. It will let them know how swimming should be done with caution.

You can also get a pool cover. This will keep the water clean and free of debris when it is not in use. It will also help save the kids in case they fall into the water.

Pool maintenance tip #3 – Store the chemicals properly

The chemicals will make the pool water safe but it can be hazardous to one’s health. The kids might play with it and it can cause them harm. Make sure it will not pose a threat by keeping it out of sight. Store it in a place where the kids will not see nor touch it.

With these pool maintenance tips, you should be able to enjoy your time swimming without worries. When you are not feeling anxious about everyone’s safety, the fun will usually follow.

If you need advice for purchasing pool maintenance equipment or need to schedule your regular pool maintenance and/or cleaning, reach out to us today.