Are you planning to renovate your swimming pool deck this 2020? If you will embark on this home renovation project, you want to make sure that you will follow the latest trends. After all, you will not be renovating your pool regularly. So you want to make sure that your swimming pool will not look outdated for a long time.

Before you go ahead with the project, make sure you familiarize yourself with the different options that you have. Admittedly, there are a lot of options. But if you break it down by type, it should be easy to narrow down the type of upgrade that you want your swimming pool deck to have.

Popular pool deck type: concrete

This is the most popular type the swimming pool owners opt for. It is strong, durable, and when used properly, it can look really beautiful against your pool. In fact, most pool decks have a reinforced concrete sub-deck. It only varies depending on what they put on top of it.

So what are your options to make your concrete swimming pool deck stand out?

One is to add color to it. Before pouring the concrete mix, you can have some colorant dye added to it. Other options include acid stain or powder. Some people opt to pour concrete first. While the concrete is still fresh, they add colorant to specific places as the design. You can also polish it to make the surface appear to shine. Of course, you do not want to overdo it to avoid making it slippery.

Another option to decorate concrete decks is to use a concrete saw to engrave or carve out designs. Large rubber stamps will also work. You can opt to give it some stone shapes, vines or other intricate patterns. This can also be functional. You can engrave drain channels that will ensure that water will drain properly into the pool.

Speaking of being functional, you can also use sandblasting to increase the traction around the pool. It roughens the surface. When you do this right, you can actually make it look beautiful against stained concrete.

Scattering rock salt all over poured concrete will also work. You will lightly press it into place. Once the concrete is hardened, you can power wash the surface. The result is a beautifully pockmarked deck.

These are only a few of the options that you have to make concreted pool decks beautiful. You can also add tiles, pavers, etc.

Other types of pool decks

Apart from concrete, there are other options to upgrade your swimming pool deck. Here are the other types you can use.

Ceramic tiles

Also known as porcelain tiles, these can be placed on the surface around the pool – on a thin-set mortar bed. This comes in a lot of shapes and colors. You can easily make it as decorative as possible by choosing the right design. You can even make a mosaic-design out of it.

Wooden deck

Hardwood is always beautiful to look at. It adds warmth to any surrounding. Of course, you need to know the right type to use and how to treat it. Wood has to be treated because it will be around water. Of course, you have the option to install it on one side of the pool only. Or you can build it on a raised platform.

Natural stone

Finally, you have the option to use natural stones to surround your swimming pool. Among the beautiful stones that you can use includes travertine, flagstone, or limestone. These will be set on top of a solid sub-base of either stone dust or concrete. The joints will have to be filled with mortar and applied with sealer.

How to choose the right pool deck upgrade

With all the options that you have to upgrade your swimming pool deck, how will you know which option to choose?

Among the things that you need to consider include the colors and materials used in your swimming pool. You want it to be coordinated. The landscape around the pool should also come into play. After all, it is the deck that will connect the pool and the landscape.

Other considerations should include the Sunscape – like where the sun shines or the shady spots. Make sure that the deck integrates well with the walkways and patio of your home.

When everything is properly coordinated, your swimming pool area will blend well with the house. It will really increase the value of your home.

If you need help designing your new swimming pool deck or you already have a vision and need someone to build it for you, contact us today!